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Grammarly Product Review Summary
*Note: current prices may be subject to change.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a free writing assistant that you can add to browser extensions, or download a Desktop app. It automatically detects issues like grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes in your writing.

Whether you’re writing a document, email or social media post, Grammarly can assist you. It’s even possible to add to Microsoft Office.

The software was released in July 2009 in San Francisco and is now used by over 20-million people. What makes this writing tool stand out, is that it’s more than a grammar aid. It helps with writing style and tone, wordiness, vocabulary enhancement, contextual issues, plagiarism checks and more.

Grammarly offers advice for casual writing, business writing, creative writing, technical writing, academic writing and general writing. With this software, you can confidently write and post online knowing your work is clear and mistake-free.


  • Grammar, spelling & punctuation checks
  • Grammar rule explanations
  • Performance statistics
  • Vocabulary suggestions
  • Word definitions
  • Detects style and tones
  • Easy-to-use extensions and apps
  • Can integrate with Microsoft Office
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Personal dictionary
  • Checks repetitive words
  • Checks weak adjectives
  • Checks wordiness & readability
  • Can use on various devices
  • Goal setting for relevant suggestions
  • Can choose America, British, Australian or Canadian spelling
  • Updated with some slang and word abbreviations

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How to Use Grammarly

Once you sign up for a free account, you can start using Grammarly within minutes. The software is extremely user-friendly and readily available.

As you write (e.g. online post or blog) Grammarly will mark any errors in red. You can correct them with just one click of your mouse. You’re also given the option to add any words to your personal dictionary.

It can indicate the tone of your text, provide performance stats and more.

Tone detector

Performance Statistics

Who is it For?

Grammarly is ideal for work, academic and personal use. Suitable for business workers, writers, bloggers, students, teachers, freelancers, marketers and more. Everyone can benefit using Grammarly.

Does it Cost?

Grammarly offers a free plan and a premium plan.

Free Plan

This plan is a fantastic way to familiarise with the software. You get a free browser extension and an online text editor you can use with email, Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, blogs, and more.

Grammarly will check grammar, spelling, conciseness, clarity, tone, performance and provide you with a personal dictionary to add words to. You can choose to view definitions and synonyms on any particular word.

You can also set goals so Grammarly can make helpful suggestions (e.g. what target audience you’re writing for, the style, emotion and intent of your writing, etc).

You will have access to Grammarly Facebook and Twitter community, an online grammar handbook, and Grammarly blogs for daily tips.

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Premium Plan

A premium plan will give you access to all of Grammarly’s functions. The pricing is affordable and offers super value for the services you receive.

It provides the same as the free plan plus it runs over 400 checks, including sentence structures and advanced punctuation. It helps with source citation for research papers and detects plagiarism (checks over 16 billion web pages).

It can adapt to different writing genres and provide weekly statistics. You can also integrate it with Microsoft Word and Outlook. Here is a full list of the premium plan’s inclusions:

Grammarly Premium Features

Grammarly statistics indicate that premium users correct twice as many mistakes, see improved writing grades and find writing more enjoyable.

Premium pricing:

Grammarly premium pricing
*Note: current prices may be subject to change.

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And there’s a Grammarly Business option to cater for entire business teams. This includes monitoring tools, hundreds of checks and features, centralized billing and 24/7 support. Visit Grammarly to find out more.

Grammarly Pros


This software is accurate, reliable and very simple to use. It checks errors in real-time, catching typos and spelling mistakes before you post or email. It’s very easy to understand and operate.

Excellent Functions

Grammarly has many great functions, including 400+ checks, language preferences, essay assistance, and more. It can also identify words used in the wrong context (e.g. whether/weather) which makes a significant difference.

Using all these functions will give you the best chance of producing work to the highest standard.


With Grammarly you can choose which websites you want to use it on; set your language preference and more.

If you often use brand names/words/slang that Grammarly doesn’t recognize, you can ‘Add to Dictionary’. This prevents Grammarly from constantly highlighting it as an error.

Improves Writing Skills

Grammarly is known to strengthen your writing. It provides plenty of insights, performance statistics and helps you learn common errors. It can assist with structure, tone and intent, based on your goals.

Grammarly Cons

Still Testing on Google Docs

Grammarly is in the process of extending its services. It’s currently beta-testing for Google Docs, so it doesn’t include Grammarly Premium corrections. However, I can still use the editor to make immediate corrections without any problems.

Free Plan is Limited

If you need advanced editing tools, then you may find the free plan restrictive. Premium offers far more functions, including integration with Microsoft Office. The free plan is sufficient for people wanting day-to-day grammar checks.

Doesn’t Pick up on Everything

Grammarly is an automated system, so it doesn’t pick up on everything, i.e. certain slang and acronyms. You need to add them individually to your dictionary.

See What Customers are Saying…


Download free today & see why millions of people use it to enhance their work!

How do I Access it?

Firstly, you need to sign up to a free account. Then you get a browser extension for Chrome, Safari, Edge, or Firefox.

You can access the Chrome extension straight from the Grammarly site. Or go to your preferred store (e.g. Chrome Store), search  ‘Grammarly browser extension’ and download.

>>Download Grammarly FREE today<<

To download the phone app, go to Play Store for Android, or the App Store for iOS devices.

Premium users can get instructions from Grammarly on how to add to Microsoft Word and Outlook.

Feedback and Support

If you’re still unsure, rest assured that Grammarly has a support team available 24/7. Their goal is to respond to email support issues with eight-hours.

They also have an extensive Help Centre and FAQ section for common issues and questions, and blogs with tips and advice. Or you can contact them via social media on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Improve Your Work the Easy Way

Whether you’re using Grammarly for work, personal or academic, it can vastly improve your writing and grammar skills. With over 20-million active users, Grammarly has a high customer satisfaction rate.

I’ve loved using this software (both free plan and premium) and highly recommend it.

Grammarly Product Review Final Verdict
Grammar Check


    • Hi Cyndy, yes Grammarly is highly useful. Your Grammarly chrome extension should show in the top right corner of your browser, and it’ll be marked ‘BETA’ while you’re in Google Docs. If you can’t see the icon, go to your internet tab settings → Extensions → turn the blue slider on to show the icon in your browser. As you write, the green Grammarly icon will appear in the right corner of your page, and Grammarly will underline spelling/grammar errors in red as usual. Have fun with it!


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