Are you looking for new ways to reward yourself without using food? There’s nothing more counterproductive than working hard and exercising regularly, only to sabotage your efforts by overindulging!

In this blog post, we will explore 101 exciting ways to reward yourself without food. Whether you’re celebrating a personal achievement or simply need a pick-me-up, these treats will help you relax.

Let’s dive in and discover how you can indulge in self-care without indulging in food.

What is the Lure of Rewards?

Rewards are the pinnacle of progress. As humans, we often resist change unless it brings us pleasure or a feeling of control. When we receive a reward, our brains are stimulated to seek more. Striving for a reward can entice you to start, and receiving rewards along the way will keep you motivated. The trick is to find ways to reward yourself without food being the answer!

The Role of Dopamine

The two driving forces of human actions is to avoid pain and gain pleasure, and this is where dopamine comes in to play.

As we pursue our rewards, we learn and grow, sparking our brains to applaud us with a release of dopamine. This is a ‘feel good’ hormone that dates back through our evolution, controlling memory and encouraging behaviour that prolongs survival.

Dopamine plays a crucial role in the learning process. It prompts us to seek our rewards, and when its released regularly, it strengthens neural pathways in the brain to influence our future actions and form habits.

Reward Yourself without Food - Massage

Types of Rewards

Staying motivated for a goal that is not visible and comes with no guarantees can be challenging. This is why visualisation and regular rewards are very effective. Milestone rewards help to create awareness and make the end goal more foreseeable.

The key is not giving up. Having milestone rewards along the way will help your motivation.

Read on to discover an array of pampering rewards, free rewards, fast rewards, and rewards centred around your achievement…

101 Exciting Ways to Reward Yourself Without Food

  1. Arrange a special catch-up with friends
  2. Take a day trip somewhere fun
  3. Explore holiday destinations and plan your bucket list
  4. Indulge in some romance on a date night
  5. Attend a concert or music festival
  6. Master your Karaoke singing skills
  7. Catch a movie that you really want to watch. Better yet, arrange a marathon night!
  8. Redecorate your bedroom or the whole house
  9. Play a game of snooker with fun stakes
  10. Try your skills at darts or archery
  11. Go ten-pin bowling
  12. Give bare foot bowling a go
  13. Paddle the waves in a Dragon Boat
  14. Get a manicure or pedicure
  15. Go on a mystery tour – if your town doesn’t offer one, then pick some random places in the surrounding area and start exploring
  16. Try your luck with a lottery ticket or scratchies
  17. Get creative with crafts and make yourself something fun
  18. Take up life drawing!
  19. Attend a paint and sip party (more painting, less sipping)!
  20. Visit an escape room with your friends
  21. Get into gardening with your favourite plants
  22. Treat yourself to a massage
  23. Host a games night an impromptu party
  24. Have a go at Horseback riding
  25. Plan your next holiday for 6 months time, ensuring you have a break!
  26. Check out a local nightclub and let your hair down
  27. Create cute garden pots to sell at the markets
  28. Dare to get a tattoo
  29. Venture into the world of gaming
  30. Go camping with family or friends
  31. Spend an afternoon skating
  32. Organise a babysitter and have a day completely to yourself
  33. Create your own ‘zen’ room for timeout
  34. Get into Yoga or pilates
  35. Take a short cruise
  36. Try creative writing and share with other artists online
  37. Spend an evening at a local sports club with friends
  38. Participate in community event (try something you wouldn’t usually do)!
  39. Shop for luxurious skin care
  40. Start a new DIY project that appeals to you
  41. Try pottery or ceramic painting
  42. Stay at a cute B&B in your local area
  43. Treat yourself to a new book
  44. Join a book club with likeminded people
  45. Get a facial
  46. Dare to order an amazon mystery box, you never know what you’ll get!
  47. Try acupressure
  48. Have a game of golf or mini golf
  49. Attend a sporting event
  50. Have some giggles at a comedy club
  51. Visit the zoo
  52. Soak in a warm spa
  53. Buy something for the house from Kmart
  54. Get a shampoo and blow-dry at the hairdresser
  55. Tally up your reward points and get something nice
  56. Join a dance class
  57. Get a paint-by-numbers kit and create a masterpiece
  58. Try local tours in your area
  59. Give yourself a guilt free night to do whatever you want

Reward yourself without food - Aromatherapy

Rewards Centered Around Your Achievements 

Made some achievements so far? Show it off and celebrate!

  1. List down all your proudest achievements and hang them somewhere for a constant reminder
  2. Use apps to log your progress and compare your results between now and 6 months ago
  3. Buy yourself a new workout outfit
  4. Share your progress on social media
  5. Buy new gym equipment
  6. Create a photo collage of your body transformation
  7. Try something you used to find difficult and marvel at how you’ve improved (swimming, biking, etc)
  8. Buy a piece of art of a photograph that inspires you
  9. Get a full make-over, dress up and take some glam shots for your Instagram profile
  10. Start a blog, sharing your thoughts and success!

Free Rewards

If you’re worrying about blowing the budget, don’t fret. There are plenty of ways to reward yourself without parting with cash.

  1. Spend a day at the beach
  2. Volunteer for a cause you’re passionate about
  3. Enjoy the peace and quiet of a sunrise session with your coffee
  4. Have a bubble bath or a long hot shower
  5. Create a home day spa – experiment with YouTube hair and makeup tutorials
  6. Find a podcast that intrigues you or makes you laugh.
  7. Spend an afternoon at free venues like the museum, art galleries, community theatres, libraries or exhibitions
  8. Take some sunset snaps at a high vantage point and soak up the views
  9. Go stargrazing with a loved one and enjoy one another’s company
  10. Kick back with some Trashy TV or whatever your guilty pleasure is!
  11. Experiment with meditation
  12. Go on a Haunted House hunt and check out all the spookiest places in town
  13. Master a new party trick that’ll blow people’s minds
  14. Play cards – you may even win some cash on poker!
  15. Skype a friend you haven’t talked to in awhile
  16. Create a wish list on Amazon.com – digital window shopping can be fun
  17. Test-drive your dream car
  18. Go hiking and get back in touch with nature
  19. Take a leisurely bike ride
  20. For just a couple of dollars you can enjoy a massage chair at the shopping centre
  21. Visit a pet store or animal shelter for some furry love

Reward Yourself without Food - Hot bath

Fast Rewards

Sometimes life just gets too darn busy. Here are some fast rewards that can have you feeling better the same day.

  1. Buy yourself flowers or a nice plant
  2. Skip your cleaning day
  3. Play with your kids – don’t worry about organising them, just be with them
  4. Try aromatherapy – certain scents can promote ease and relaxation
  5. Get a tarot card reading
  6. Go for a joy ride around town
  7. Put up some fairy lights around the house or garden to create a cozy atmosphere
  8. Journal about your goals as if you’ve already achieved them and are experiencing the results
  9. Colour in an adult colouring book
  10. Have a guilt-free nap
  11. Have some playtime with your pets, you will both love it!

How to Choose a Good Way to Reward Yourself without Food

When it comes down to it, you should pick rewards that jump out at you. What types of activities and environments appeal to you most? Select a reward that brings you satisfaction and matches the level of your achievement. Consider immediate and longer-term options, but most importantly, choose what genuinely motivates you.

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Work Hard and Treat Yourself!

There are endless ways to reward yourself without food included. Whether its treating yourself to spa day, indulging in a new book, or embarking on a min adventure, the options are vast.

Choosing ways to reward yourself without food can cultivate a healthier relationship with both your body and mind while still acknowledging and celebrating your achievements. Remember, self-care and self-love come in many forms, and finding what truly brings you joy is the key to sustainable and fulfilling rewards.

And remember, hard work pays off!

Got a reward that isn’t mentioned here? Share your ideas and help grow this list.

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  4. I like this article presenting so many personal, non-food rewards, it encourages a positive approach, lets celebrate achievements and prioritize self-care. The psychological aspect of rewards is interesting, tying them to the release of dopamine for a genuine ‘feel-good’ experience. This range of suggestions showcase a thoughtful consideration of different preferences and budgets. The underlying message is great – embracing rewards that genuinely resonate and give a sense of accomplishment and contribute to a more fulfilling lifestyle.


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