2 Super Easy Ways to Combine Text & Image Effects


Combining images with typography can be fun and effective. Learn how to spice up your text in Photoshop using these two simple methods. Play around with colours and effects to make it exactly as you wish:

Combine Text with a Face Portrait

With this design, you can use typography to portray part of your image.

1. Open an image of a face (one with a dark background is best).

2. Add a new layer.

Create new layer

3. Select the Rectangular Marquee tool and draw a box over half the face (e.g. the left side).

Marquee Tool Use Marquee Tool

4. Click on the Paint Bucket tool and fill in the Marquee shape with a colour.

Paint Tool

5. Add a new layer and select the Text tool.

Text Tool

6. Pick a nice thick font and a visible text colour.

7. Type text running down the left side of the face. You can use the Character tool to reduce the space between letters.

Character tool

Type text

8. To readjust the size and positioning of text, press Ctrl+T for the Free Transform tool.

9. In the text layer, hold down the Ctrl key and press the T icon. This will select the text on the image.

Ctrl+T select text

10. Uncheck the eye icon on the text layer. This will make the text transparent.

Make text transparent

11. Click on layer 2 and press delete. This will reveal the image underneath the text.

Blend text layer

12. Go to Select → Deselect (or Ctrl+D).

13. Use the Free Transform tool (Ctrl+T) to make any final size adjustments.


14. If you want to change the colour of the Marquee box:

Press fx or right-click on layer 2 → Blending Options → Colour Overlay → click on the shaded box and experiment with your colours.

Color Overlay

15. Then you can adjust the image tint to blend with your foreground colour:

Select Background Image layer → Adjustments tab → Hue/Saturation → tick the box ‘Colorize’ → play with the hue to get a coloured tint like the colour of your Marquee box.

(See video for detailed instruction)

Face Portrait

Blend Image into Text 

With this design, you can fill your text with an image.

1. Change your background layer to your preferred colour.

2. Add a new layer and type your text.

Type text

3. Add another layer → File → Place → select your saved image.

Place Image

Set image.jpg

4. While on the image layer, press Ctrl+Alt+G to wrap the image into the text.


5. Using the arrow tool, you can adjust the image to fit within the text however you want.

6. Press fx or right-click on text layer → Blending Options. Here you can add effects to give more depth to your text, like Bevel & Emboss and drop shadow.

Blending Options

7. If you want to change your text, make sure you’re on the text layer. Select the text tool and simply retype.

End Result

(See video for detailed instruction)

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