Ever receive gift cards for stores you don’t like? Do you have a heap collecting dust in the drawer, waiting to expire? No need for them to go to waste! Instead of building a pile from old Christmas parties, learn how to sell gift cards instead.

How to Sell Gift Cards for Online Cash

How to Sell Gift Cards for Online CashLearning how to sell gift cards is easy. There are many websites and methods such as:

  • letting marketplace users bid for your gift card
  • selling the card directly to a website that then resell it
  • selling it for a set price on social media
  • exchanging it for a gift card you actually want.

Sales methods will depend on your preference and the platform you choose. You won’t be able to sell your card for its full value, but many sites offer 80-90% returns. Not bad for something you didn’t pay a cent for. Exchanging cards can be of great value.

Many online surveys offer gift cards as payment. If you have a collection of these from completing surveys, you can always sell them for cash too.

What to Consider When Selling Gift Cards Online

You want to get your money’s worth. When choosing how to sell gift cards, consider these factors:

Card Value

Have some of the credit been previously used? Not all sites will buy cards that are partially used, though bidders might. Check the balance directly with the gift card retailer. You want to be certain of the card value before buyers give you offers.

Card Merchant

Make sure the website accepts gift cards from the retailer you’re trying to sell. Most take a wide range of merchants but it’s always best to check. The easiest cards to sell are from widely known retailers like Kmart, Walmart, Target, etc.


When choosing a website to sell on, check for hidden costs. Many don’t charge anything (except any excessive postage fees), but retailers like eBay could have seller fees.

Your Price

Do you want to sell your gift card for a set price, or let users bid for it? Even if you’re selling directly a website, you can decline their offer if you’re not happy with their price.

Terms & Conditions

Always check the website’s rules. Some cards can be physically mailed in, other sites may only want them transferred online. Some won’t accept partially used cards or cards with an expiry date. It will vary from website to website.

How to Sell Gift Cards…

So, you’ve made some decisions and you’re ready. Here are some platforms where you can sell gift cards for online cash:

EJ Gift Cards

Select your gift card merchant from their list, enter the value and receive a purchase offer or store credit. Enter the card number and access details and sign up for an account. Payment is via PayPal, 1-3 days after the account is verified.

Game Flip

Sell your gift card for 70-95% cashback. This site focuses on gaming cards and popular sites (Playstation, Xbox, Itunes, Google Play) though you can sell non-gaming cards as well. You need to create an account first. Click on ‘Sell’, select the ‘Gift Card’ option, enter the value and there’s an option to upload a photo too (just don’t show the gift card code)! List how much you want to sell for marketplace users. Payment can be made in several ways, depending on the buyer.


Firstly, you need to create an account. Enter card merchant name, value, expiry date, and card type (physical, eGift, or printable voucher). The site will email you a price offer and if you accept, the card will be verified and payment sent to you. All gift cards must have a balance between $10-$1000 (unused). Payment is via PayPal or bank transfer.

Card Kangaroo

Sell your gift card for 92% cashback. Click the ‘Sell’ button, select the retail card merchant and enter the value. They will make an offer which you can choose to redeem. They’ll give you a free shipping label to mail your gift card. Payment is made within 48 hours of receiving it (cheque or PayPal).

Note: due to internal processes they are not currently accepting cards. Keep an eye on the platform for changes soon.

Card Cash

Sell your gift cards for up to 92% cashback. Enter the gift card merchant and value and press ‘Get Offer’. Submit your card, get verified and paid. Payments are via cheque or PayPal, 1-2 days after approval. Or you can trade your card for a brand-new gift card.

Retailers like eBay and Amazon

To sell on these sites you need to register/set up a seller platform and write descriptions to catch buyers’ attention. You may also have to pay things such as listing fees or selling fees. Selling gift cards this way can run the risk of scam buyers.

How to Sell Gift Cards in Other Ways

You can always jump on Facebook or Twitter and make a post – just make sure the gifter doesn’t see it! 🙂

Or if you’re feeling generous, you can donate to charity or local raffles.

Here are some other popular sites (can’t access from Australia):

  • Raise
  • Clip Kard
  • Card Pool

The process of selling gift cards is easy, and it beats letting them go to waste! Keep in mind, you can also buy discounted gift cards on these sites and save money on your purchases.

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  1. Thank you for this interesting article,

    I never ever thought of making money through cash cards and never really realised the number of different types. You went into huge detail about the different types of cards and how easy it is to use them to generate some money. 

    Do you think that you really need to sell quite a lot of these in one go or sell regularly over a period of time is better?

    I like the detail and the awareness about the hidden costs.

    Thank you

  2. Hi CJ,

    Nowadays everything should not be wasted because of the current situation of uncertainty we are facing. 

    Your topic was really great and very helpful that somebody like me will think that old gift cards can be turn into cash. Instead of keeping them and when time comes we end up burning them.

    The older the gift cards the higher the price. It is not about money also but helping the environment as well.

    Great work….


  3. Hey nice article you have there, the sales of gift cards are unique. Apart from the seller fee impose by eBay, most Issuers also charge an inactivity fee on a gift card if the card hasn’t been used in one year. Only one service charge or inactivity fee can be charged per calendar month.


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