So, you’ve decided to make a healthy change but you’re not sure where to start? The good news is, there are plenty of free online workout videos available to you! Having some guidance can make all the difference.

Here is a list of credible coaches that provide online workout instruction, health advice, and motivation. You can follow their workouts at home, or just about anywhere.  If you’re not sure about the different types of workouts, you can learn about the top 3 strategies here.

Free Online Workout Videos 

Instead of spending hours sifting through the internet, check out these 8 great channels.

1. HASfit

Free Online Workout Videos - HASfit

HEART AND SOUL Fitness with Coach Kozak and wife Claudia. This husband and wife team works out with you. Coach Kozak does the advanced moves while Claudia shows basic modifications. It’s great having the two options; you can build up from beginner to advanced, or you can switch between maneuvers depending on your fitness.

Coach Kozak encourages you to own your workout and his motivation is contagious. He has over 15-years-experience in the industry and offers thousands of workouts.

Videos: Strength training, cardio HIIT/Tabata, kickboxing, prenatal and more. Exercises range from high-intensity to low-impact for seniors, obese, and those with limited mobility.

They have free workouts and meal plans, a workout app, and a solid FB community – become part of the HASfit tribe!

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2. Fitness Blender

Free Online Workout Videos - Fitness Blender

Another great husband and wife team, Daniel and Kelli. They offer over 550 free videos, catering to all fitness levels. Their videos are easy to follow and high quality. Together, they have over 25-years-experience in the fitness industry. They can help with home workout programs and have a free workout calendar to track your progress.

Videos: Strength training, cardio HIIT/Tabata, Pilates, plenty of challenge videos, and more.

They also have a great community and clothing line.

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3. POPSUGAR Fitness

Free Online Workout Videos - PopSugar

Hosted by Anna Renderer. She provides workouts alongside many fitness experts and celebrity trainers. They have an excellent variety, and there are other tutorials to help you with your fitness journey. Workouts cover beginners to advanced, with and without equipment. Anna has almost 15-years-experience in the industry.

Videos: Dance, strength training, cardio HIIT, yoga, CrossFit, pregnancy, and super-quick workouts for those really pressed for time.

She also has a 30-day flat belly program.

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4. BodyFit by Amy

Free Online Workout Videos - BodyFitbyAmy

Run by Amy Kiser Schemper. This triathlete offers a great variety of videos to suit your lifestyle, including dumbbell and kettlebell workouts. There are different levels ranging from beginner to advanced. Amy has over 15-years-experience in the industry and has been featured on Good Morning America.

Videos: Strength training/resistance bands, Cardio HIIT/Tabata, prenatal and postnatal.

She also has a cool blog and fitness eBooks.

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5. The Body Coach TV

Free Online Workout Videos - BodyCoachTV

Meet the ‘body coach’ Joe Wicks, trainer, TV presenter, and author. His range of videos mostly focuses on HIIT. His beginner videos are great if you’re new to this type of exercise. Then you can build up to the more advanced. He even has some low-impact routines for those with bad knees and kids’ workouts. These workouts are designed for anywhere, equipment is not necessary.  Joe’s been a fitness trainer for over seven years and a nutritional coach for three.

Videos: HIIT, low impact to advanced. Some routines include dumbbells, kettlebells, and other cardio challenges.

He’s published cookbooks and weight-loss books.

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6. ChiChi Health and Fitness

Free Online Workout Videos - Chi Chi Fitness

Run by Ron Gonzales. These videos focus on kettlebell workouts. It’s a smaller channel but it’s a good place to start if you’re new to kettlebells. Ron caters to young and old, and he has 20-years-experience in coaching.

Videos: Mostly Kettlebell workouts – a great form of strength training.

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7. BeFit

Free Online Workout Videos - BeFit

This site offers a wonderful mix of videos and trainers, from classics like Jane Fonda to Denise Austin (over 30-years-experience) and Tracey Mallet (over 20-years-experience).

There’s a large variety to choose from, targeting many muscle groups and fitness levels. Some workouts are as short as 4 minutes, showing beginner to advance levels that you can build upon.

Videos: Yoga, Pilates, fun dance routines (check out ‘burn to the beat’), kickboxing, HIIT, cardio combined with dumbbells. And some walking workouts are good for those days you’re tired and sore.

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8. Joanna Soh

Free Online Workout Videos - Joanna Soh

Joanna is a nutrition coach and personal trainer with over 10-years-experience. She has many videos covering healthy eating, and her workouts range from full-body to upper and lower, beginner to advanced. Her goal is to make your fitness journey as smooth as possible.

Videos: Kickboxing, jump rope, exercise stability ball, prenatal, cardio HIIT even HIIT yoga.

She offers free fitness and food plans and now has an app (Fio).

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Get Motivated with Free Online Workout Videos!

These channels have plenty of free workout videos to start your transformation. If you’re needing more motivation, you can apply these tips to master the mental challenge of exercise. And if you’re still struggling, here are 10 more useful tips.

And there are even more great channels you can explore. In the meantime…flick on the tube, get sweating, and have fun!

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