How to Convert PDF to JPEG


Knowing how to convert a PDF to JPEG (JPG image format) is quick and easy. Here are three methods to help you:

Method 1: PDF to JPEG App (Windows)

Get a free app PDF Converter from the Microsoft Store. Most computers come with the Microsoft store app installed:

1. In your computer search bar, type in ‘Microsoft Store.’

Microsoft store

2. In the app, click the search icon and type ‘PDF to JPG.’

3. A list of apps will appear → select ‘PDF Converter.’

4. Click on Install → Launch.

PDF Converter App

5. When the app opens, upload your PDF file.

6. Select the output format (JPEG or other) and the folder you want to save to.

7. Press ‘Convert.’

Convert PDF to JPEG using an app

Method 2: Adobe Acrobat

File → Export → Images → choose between JPEG, PNG or TIFF.

Or for later versions:

Tools → Export →select ‘Image’ from the list → choose the type of image you want → Save.

Note: each page will be saved as a separate file.

Convert PDF to JPEG using Adobe

Method 3: Free Online Converter Tools

There are many free online converter tools available: – you can add either a PDF file or a link. – you have the option to extract single images or convert entire pages.

These quick tips on how to convert PDF to JPEG will get the job done.

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