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Can’t afford Microsoft Excel? Not to worry, as there is an alternative spreadsheet program you can use – and best of all, it’s free!

Google Sheets

Many people use this application because it’s customisable, easily accessible with online storage, and people can work on it simultaneously.

With permission from Stacey The Saver, I’d like to share her article Google Sheets: Your First Sheet and the Basics (Lesson 1)

This is a great introduction on how to use Google sheets. It’s the first in a series of lessons you’ll find quite valuable. They outline all sorts of functions including formulas, navigation, sharing, converting, importing/exporting and more. Topics range from basic to more advance techniques. It’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t have Microsoft or looking to expand their knowledge.

Spreadsheets are ideal for tracking figures and analysing statistical data. It’s a highly sought-after skill for any office job. They’re helpful for assignments. They’re perfect for organising your home finances. The more you master spreadsheets, the easier your workload will be.

Learn how to use Google Sheets and see for yourself. Be sure to subscribe to Stacey so you don’t miss another lesson.

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