Apply various effects using the crop tool in Photoshop
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This program is full of amazing tools to modify your pictures. Discover various ways to use the crop tool in Photoshop to draw reader’s focus, create headshots for your resume and more.

What is the Crop Tool?

It’s a quick and easy way to remove unwanted excess and enhance your image. Among many things, it can be used to straighten, change perspective and create circular portraits.

The crop tool is the fifth icon down in the left-hand tool bar.

Crop tool location

How to Crop

1. Select the crop tool in Photoshop.

2. Drag the crop marquee around your picture to the size you want.

how to use the crop tool drag marquee

3. Press the tick button in the top ribbon (or press enter).

Cropping tick

Rotate Your Crop

1. Drag the crop marquee around your picture.

2. When you place your mouse by the corner handle, a rotate icon will appear (double-ended arrow).

How to rotate the photoshop crop tool marquee

3. Rotate the marquee and press the tick button (or enter).

4. If you want to do precise 90-degree angles, hold down the shift key while you rotate.

Discover Various Ways to use the Crop tool in Photoshop

Crop Presets

1. When you select the Crop tool, a list of presets will appear in the top ribbon.

2. Click the drop-down list to make your selection, depending what size you’d like to crop.

3. Drag the crop marquee over the image (you can rotate these too if you wish).

Crop tool presets

Or you can create your own:

1. Set the width, height and resolution in the top ribbon.

2. In the crop drop-down box, select the ‘New Tool Preset’ button on the right.

3. Create a preset name and click Ok.

Crop tool presets

If you’ve used a preset you don’t like, press the ‘Clear’ button in the top ribbon to reset.

Crop a Picture into a Circle

1. Open the image.

2. In the layers panel, double click on the background layer to unlock it (you don’t need to rename it).

3. Select the circle Elliptical Marquee Tool from the left tool bar.

Photoshop elliptical marquee tool

4. Drag your mouse over the image to make a circle marquee (use shift for a perfect circle).

5. Select → Inverse (shift+ctrl+I or right click).


6. Press delete to erase the background you don’t want → Deselect (Ctrl+D).


7. Crop to your preferred size and Save As.

Note – Save as .png format to ensure it saves with no background.

Headshot example

Change Crop Perspective

You can also play with perspective while you crop.

1. Drag Crop marquee over the image.

2. In the top ribbon, tick the ‘Perspectives’ box.

3. Place your mouse on the corner handles and drag the crop marquee into your desired shape.

Changing perspective with crop tool

4. Press the tick button in the top ribbon (or press enter).

cropping perspective result

Other Tricks

How to crop an irregular shaped picture

1. Open the picture.

2. Go to the layers panel and double click on background layer to unlock it.

3. Click the lasso tool and select Polygonal lasso tool.

Polygonal lasso tool

4. Click to make points around the picture in the shape you want to crop.

Creating points with Polygonal lasso tool

5. Place your mouse inside the shape and right click → Select Inverse (or shift+ctrl+I).

6. Press delete to erase the background you no longer need, making it transparent.

7. Select → Deselect (ctrl+D).

8. Save file.

Result using Polygonal lasso tool

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